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Cancellation Policy

We have developed the Uscout cancellation policy to provide flexibility for renters while also providing security for our hosts.

Once a property booking is confirmed by the owner, the following cancellation and refund rules apply to renters. The owner is entitled to a portion of their payout depending on when the renter cancels the booking. In all cancellations, Uscout retains our standard fees. Our cancellation policy is outlined in the table as follows:

Cancellation Date Renter Refund Host Payout
More than 48 hours from start of booking 50% 50%, minus fee
Less than 48 hours from start of booking No refund 100%, minus fee

Refunds to renters will only apply when a cancellation has been made. Please pay careful attention to the cancellation policy before completing a booking request so you are aware of the refunds eligible in the event of a cancellation. Refunds to renters and payouts to owners will be processed within 7-10 business days of the date that the original booking was to take place.

Owner-initiated cancellations that occur 14 days or less from start of booking will receive an automatic review stating owner cancelled the booking. For full details on our cancellation policy, including more details on owner-initiated cancellations, read our latest Terms and Conditions.